After successfully completing the set up of the food waste sensor your data will be sent  through the set-up internet connection and automatically uploaded to online Food Waste Reporter, Mechline’s online data analysis tool. The Food Waste Reporter can be found by visiting:

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1.1.1 If you are a returning user please sign in using your registered sign in e-mail and password. For all new users please click to register and follow the instructions.


1.2.1 Click on on your profile name in the top right hand corner and select machines. Then click the green button + Create new machine’ and enter the details as follows: ‘Machine name’ – This can be any name of your choice and could be the machine’s serial number or location, for example. ‘Cost per Kg (£)’ – On average the cost of avoidable food waste is £3.70 per Kg. If unsure please enter 3.70 into this field.

Research carried out by WRAP reviewed end-of-life food across different types of food service outlets and identified that the true cost of end-of-life food will vary, depending on your type of business operation. To calculate the true cost of the food waste on your site please refer to the WRAP website. Visit:

Please see chart below for the WRAP estimates for food waste costs of different food service outlets.

1 Food intended for human consumption but wasted through spoilage, preparation or plate waste.

2 This includes both food intended for human consumption but wasted through spoilage, preparation or plate waste, and unavoidable food waste, for example, meat and fish bones.

With this data and regular reviews, peaks of food waste production can be highlighted and help to identify opportunities to prevent, reduce and redistribute food waste. The Food Waste Reporter also includes an indication of under and overuse, and logs the times the lid is opened. This will enable you to know how much food waste goes into the device and helps you to optimise its operation.

With this information you will be able to see how well it is being used and help highlight operational issues before they become a problem. The Food Waste Reporter enables you to monitor and report end-of-life food waste volumes, costs and food carbon emission savings. Armed with this information you will be able to target your food waste reduction programme on those areas of your business that are generating the most food wastage. It is through good information you will be able to communicate to staff the information they need to understand their impacts and the progress they are making on reducing food waste. In essence, the Food Waste Reporter gives you the information your team needs to reduce food wastage and improve profit through cost savings.


Refer to the “Mechline Food Waste Reduction Programme” brochure for more information and tips on how to prevent and reduce your food waste.




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