What can I put in the machine?

The Waste2O machine will take soft, organic food waste such as fruit, vegetables, cooked and uncooked meat, fish and so on.
NOTE: The general rule is that if a human can eat the food, the machine will process the food. The appliance and the microorganisms are designed to process a wide range of food waste types in mixed quantities. The machine cannot process anything that is not organic food waste and cannot be easily broken down such as bones, seeds and stones, flower stems, packaging, general waste, cutlery, crockery, cocktail sticks, etc.
See below for a suggested list of what can and cannot be processed by the appliance.
This is important because placing the wrong products into the machine could cause damage and could void the warranty.

What stays out: – Inorganic or fibrous materials such as:
• Meat and fish bones
• Raw dough, flours, yeast
• Pineapple tops & other hard fibrous foods
• Corn husks, flower stems
• Egg shells & coffee grounds in large quantities
• Fruit & vegetable seeds and stones such as mango, avocado, peach etc.
• Oil, fats, soups, large quantities of butter or lard
• Frozen or chilled food (wait until food is room temperature)
• Packaging, cocktail sticks and other inorganic material
What goes in: – Soft organic material such as:
• Meats (cooked or uncooked)
• Fish
• Vegetables
• Pasta, noodles, bread crumbs, rice
• Fruit
• Dairy products (milk, cheese, eggs, etc.)
NB: just like a person – do not put too much of any one kind of food into the machine at any one time.
A balanced combination of food waste will digest better.
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